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Whatscut Pro: Super Video Length Editing App that Gives Video Content the Right Trimming

Whatscut Pro app

Ever been caught in the euphoria of an event where you feel like capturing every second of the event with the purpose of sharing with friends on all social media platform you belong to but just to wake up to the reality of how long the video is? It gets you annoyed right? Thank goodness I have an audience who could relate to the experience. Taking videos of event and occurrences could turn tiresome at the blink of an eye due to the urge to share and upload the large content and size of videos. This urge to share what seems like fun, or thoughtful video content most times is fueled by the stipulated content size one can upload on any social platform. Also, there are times when the need to edit unwanted statements or expression in a video arises, and one is left to instead keep the video to oneself for fear of been heavily criticized by those who watched it.

These and lot more are the basis on which the WhatsCut Pro app is built and designed. With a fancy and eye catchy design, the WhatsCut Pro app boasts of a high-level technicality input in its user interface designs and graphics. Equipped with the ability to trim and edit video length to user’s taste and satisfaction, this app does not only enhance swift video editing process but could trim the video down to small piece without degrading the video quality. A click on the allow access to the gallery upon launching the app is the required magic that triggers the incredible output you get after editing a video length.

Apart from editing videos through accessing the gallery, the app enables users to make audio status or stories, trim the status, and share on different social media platforms for friends and loved ones to see. With every attempt to creating an audio or video status or stories comes a fascinating frame that beautifies the story. The presence of this frame makes content created or edited through the app more colorful and appealing to the eye. Designed with a rectangular box that could be used to monitor video length, and situated directly beneath any chosen videos to edit, the WhatsCut Pro video editing app equips its users with a very easy to navigate interface.

Icons of the most popular social media platforms are placed on the upper part of the display that comes up immediately users finish making a story or editing a video for easy sharing with friends. More so, videos and stories created can be captioned with a hashtag shortly after users finish editing and with an option to set who sees whatever they post. Other features of this app include the privacy settings from where users could keep their content private by clicking on the toggle, an option to turn off comments and preventing others from seeing comments written on your posts, as well as the ability to prevent others from downloading your story if you so wish.

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