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UberGif – Fun with Photos that are Brought to Life


Remember how in the Harry Potter movies the photos in the newspaper or even the photo frames and portraits would move like little movie clips. I guess the correct term would be GIF. Well, now you can create your own. Yup, all you need is a photo and UberGif, which is available on the App Store and it’s free.

Simply download UberGif and then follow the simple prompts to upload a photo and have some fun.

So on the surface you would assume that UberGif is doing something to add some animation to your still photos. In actuality, what it’s doing is taking your live photo and making use of the photos that are taken just before and just after the main photo you end up with.

For every photo taken iPhone takes before and after shots and keeps them in memory, but does not publish them in your album, so you wouldn’t know they exist. It’s a way for the camera to make sure it has taken the best shot possible. UberGif takes those before and after shots and makes use of them by concatenating them before and after your still shot to create a series of images that turn into a GIF.

All you have to do is provide access to your photos and have photos that you want to share as GIFs.

UberGif takes care of the rest. The controls are easy to use with simple buttons to upload and convert. Once you are done with that, you can save and share. Sharing is easy, too. UberGif provides seamless connectivity to several widely used social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and more. This means quick posts and more interesting content on your feed.

With UberGif you don’t have to take actual video to capture and share a moment; simply snap a picture and then let UberGif bring life to it and send it on its way. You can even view it before you send it just to make sure you are ok with the final product.

What I would love to see is the ability to take the photo from within app rather than have to provide one that is already taken. It would add to the entire experience of sending something fun in the moment, especially because UberGif already allows you to directly post to a ton of social media apps.

As a simple yet powerful tool to bring a bit of pizzazz to your still pictures, UberGif is a must-have download to enhance your social media presence and even provides a little fun for yourself to see what that moment was really all about.

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