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The Most Powerful Cybersecurity App for a Secure Digital Life – MyCyberHome Security & Privacy

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Almost every website that you visit online forces you to sign-up, regardless of what your intentions are. Hence, your mail id is probably the first & foremost tangible piece of information that every website collects in order to send back spam or sell your information to a third party for monetary reasons. 

Can you imagine what could happen if your e-mail id gets hacked? You might indirectly put your e-mail contacts are at risk, any related bank account or credit card details are susceptible to online theft, or worst, your social media accounts can get deleted. 

What if there were an app that could help you disguise your Microsoft 360 e-mail address while having mails delivered to your primary inbox? 

MyCyberHome Security & Privacy is an All-in-one mobile protection app exclusively designed for iOS users, developed by MyCyberHome Pte Ltd. The app enables you to 

The app’s home page keeps you up to date on recent cyber security news happening worldwide. You can detect and analyze your local Wi-Fi network and ensure it is free of threats. The app also detects Wi-Fi changes in the background when you set the permission to Always. 

MyCyberHome Security & Privacy educates you on the basic settings required to keep your handheld device safe. It includes 

The app also helps you to keep your personal e-mail address hidden by creating unique, random addresses/aliases that forward to your primary mailbox and can be deleted at any time. 

By subscribing to premium membership, you get access to additional features. These include but are not limited to 24/7 monitoring, where you receive an alert when your e-mail or passwords address appears in data leaks. You can also set your private aliases to auto-expire. No usage restrictions on e-mail ids, passwords, and confidential notes. 

MyCyberHome offers an optional auto-renewable premium subscription at $6.99 per month or $57.99 per year (prices vary by region). Wish to keep your loved ones safe and sound? You can share the subscription with up to 5 family members. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

This wondrous app is available for free only for a period of 3 days, post which you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to continue using its services. Download the app now, get to know it, and share it with your friends for a safer digital life.

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