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The Best Fitness App for All Fitness Levels – No Equipment – Fit4All

Fit4All app

Utilize it or not, everybody has a health and fitness-related app installed on their smartphone. If your app uses hyperbolic terms such as revolutionary, miracle, or scientific breakthrough and guarantees heavy weight loss in under a week, it’s high time you uninstall it. 

For a healthy body, you need to change your habits for the long term. And an app that promises only the possible and concrete results should find a place in your phone. One such app is the “Fit4All: Workouts for everyone” developed by Dr. Alexander Rieger.

After installation, by clicking on ACCEPT on the first pop-up, you agree to let Fit4All use your data for personalized advertising and no other purpose. Dislike ads? By paying a moderate amount, not only can you access the app’s premium features but also enjoy an ad-free experience. By installing the app, you will unlock all of the app’s premium features for free for 3 days.

Featuring the best videos from YouTube, the app contains workout videos for people with varying levels of physical activity, including beginners, athletes, overweight people, seniors, and families. The trainers starring in each video will guide you into doing the exercises perfectly, helping you reap maximum benefits from your dedicated time. 

You can either focus on a specific body part, such as abs, butt, legs, arms, back, or opt for a full-body workout. If you happen to work for long hours sitting, the app has exercises for you to relieve your back pain. 

Wish to get fit in 28 days? You can choose the relevant program and follow workouts based on your current fitness level. Every day you will be presented with exercises that pertain to different muscles. Certain days include stretching to improve flexibility and maintain a range of motion in joints, improving your overall health.

Do you know that you will receive brownie points too? There are fitness points for arms, abs, butt, chest, back, legs and shoulders. In addition to the mentioned, if you involve yourself in other fitness-related activities like jogging, biking, swimming, aerobics, gardening, it will add to your fitness score. By logging in your daily activities, you can track which muscles missed suitable exercises, work them, and achieve perfect fitness for the week.

At the end of every week, if you manage to accumulate 7 points for each muscle, you bag a bronze award, silver if you continue for 2 weeks, and gold for 4 weeks. Get lazy and miss a week’s exercise? Be prepared to lose all your medals. 

You won’t find any function in this app that logs your weight, counts calories, or determines your BMI daily, as you will start seeing visible changes in your body once you exercise daily, eat healthily and have a sound sleep. 

You will also find options to stretch, work out, do yoga and meditation at the comfort of your cozy bed. Also, you need not invest a dime in purchasing exercise equipment, as all exercises are featured without them. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and start getting fit by the day. 

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