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TakeLessons Live – Learn to Speak a New Language or Play Music on Your Schedule

TakeLessons Live

Finding time to take classes can be difficult if you are busy with kids and their activities or have many other things to fit into a busy schedule. We all have things we’d like to pursue, but carving out time to make those plans a reality can be challenging.

That’s where TakeLessons comes to the rescue. It’s an app that brings the lessons to you. Classes range from music and singing to language lessons. And those are just the free ones. If you choose the private lesson option, they come with a fee, but there’s a whole slew of subjects and classes available. All sorts of subject matter courses, test prep courses, and more.

Back to the free live classes…there are three languages to choose from: American Sign Language, French and Spanish. For music, there’s piano, guitar and ukulele.

When you scroll down past the Free Live classes you’ll find the private/ paid courses listed by subject, and there are so many of them listed in alphabetical order. Many of them are listed at rates for 30 mins, some listed rates for 60 mins.

While you don’t have to pay for the free lessons, you do have to create an account with TakeLessons, and this requires only your name and email address.

When choosing a teacher, for private classes, you can use the teacher’s rating and any other accolades that the app provides. Teachers can get up to five stars and I’ve seen some that are “Student Favorites”. For the free classes, teachers can be rated by stars, but there did not seem to be any other type of qualification or rating that you could look up, which I suppose is fine because you are attending a free class and you can make a decision continue with that teacher or use another based on your own experience.

The overall layout of the app is clean and it’s super easy to find classes. You can search by instructor or my subject. Once you reserve a seat, it will show up in your Schedule maintained from within the app. This lets you work out your week so you don’t overdo it.

What I would like to see is the ability for the app to push your lessons into the device’s main calendar, so you don’t double book or overbook your day. This way all of your activities are in one place.

This is a minor thing that is overshadowed by the immense benefits to using TakeLessons. Now, you don’t have to drive around to find and take classes; the classes now come to you through your device, on your schedule.

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