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SniperSight – A More Natural Way to Care for Eyes

SniperSight app

There’s an app for that? Yes! SniperSight, while is sounds like a shooter game, is actually an app that helps its users pinpoint issues they may be having with their eyes and seek help to reverse or even prevent the onset of further deterioration, with the hope of having improved eyesight.

While this app does not serve to replace the eye doctor, it does serve to help people make better use of their eyes and the muscles that control them, so that you have healthier eyes that can serve you well for years to come.

As technology seeks to improve our lives, it goes without saying that those improvements take their toll on our physical and mental well being. How many of you sit and stare at a screen almost all day? That screen could be your work computer or even your cell phone. Either way, we have forced our eyes to stay focused at one distance, which prevents the opportunity for them to flex or stretch by focusing on items that are closer or farther away – something we all used to do back in the day. We used to rotate and move our eyeballs side to side much more often when performing tasks that were not screen based.

SniperSight provides in depth information about the various things that can happen to the eye and what you can do to prevent it if you don’t already have it or reduce it if you do. In some cases, you may even be able to cure yourself of it completely, but again, the app creators have stressed that they make no guarantees.

The app is based on research performed by Dr. Horatio Bates, who believed that there were more natural ways to undo things that ail the eye. When you download the app, you’ll see a button called Better Eye Health. Tap on it to find the condition you’d like to focus on. Once you tap on a condition, you’ll be taken to a page that describes the condition, why it happens, and what is affected in terms of tissue, muscle and eyesight. From here you can learn more about the condition by tapping on “Learn More…”. You can also go “Straight to Technique” to see what the Bates method recommends for this condition.

The recommendation is simple to follow and is laid out in a specific ordering of steps. It is important to follow in order to ensure you are performing the exercises in the correct order, because this is critical in providing benefit to the eye.

Commonly known conditions that the app helps you address are: astigmatism (near and far), nearsightedness, farsightedness, crossed eye, glaucoma, cataracts and more. Note that the app does not claim to help heal defectiveness due to organic disturbances or degeneration of the retina or optic nerve.

The app does provide a test card for you to test your eyesight. A nice addition to the app would be the ability to take the test and record results in the app, so you have running history and can plot progress.

Until then, the app is quite handy for anyone of any age who needs to make some improvements to eyesight that do not involve medication or glasses.

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