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Simple, Authentic, and Fun-to-play – Reel Stakes Casino: Real Money App

Reel Stakes app

Did you know that the term “Casino” is originally an Italian word? 

In Italian, Casa means House, and by adding ‘-ino’ to it, you get the word that means a small house. During the 19th century, the name ‘casino’ was used frequently to refer to Houses of Pleasure, where people would get together, drink, dance, listen to music and gamble their day away.

Established legally in Europe, the first gambling house that opened in Venice in 1638 has led us to what we have today, the modern virtual casinos. 

With a fairly decent handheld device and a reliable internet connection, you can play online against all odds and make a fortune, changing your lives forever. With the overwhelming choices of iOS apps, it can get pretty confusing to choose THE ONE that guarantees you play for free or wager and win real money! If you are 21+, you are ready to wager and test your luck.

Reel Stakes Casino: Real Money is an iOS app developed by Game Knight, where you can spin to win Poker and Blackjack. Game Knight is a mobile games developer based in Los Angeles, CA, who rethinks mobile experiences and the future of real-money and real-prize games. Before proceeding any further with the review, let’s get the first and foremost that you would have gotten by now sorted out.

Reel Stakes Casino is powered by b spot, a US licensed real money gambling platform. b spot is a mobile games community that lets you legally Wager & Win real cash in the US, combining the pulse-pounding excitement of horse racing with the on-demand fun of mobile games. All bets that you make are placed on live horse races, and your winnings depend upon the results of those races. Cash deposits & winnings are held in a custodial account at an FDIC-insured member bank.

This easy-to-learn digital game puts fun first. By playing Reel Stakes Casino: Real Money, you can watch yourself learn poker & blackjack, grow from a beginner to a winner, test your skills, and win real money. 

A few of the many features the app offers include:

– Increasing your chip stack by drawing winning hands of blackjack or poker and spinning bonus slot reels.

– Getting a shot at real cash by unlocking the Money Wheel and winning chances to spin.

– Every spin of the Money Wheel is a winner!

– Sharpen your blackjack or poker skills and improve your game strategy.

– Build better hands and increase your bet to earn bonus slot spins more often and more.

As you keep playing poker and blackjack, you will find yourself drawing winning card hands and watching your chips pile up. You can fill the spin meter to activate bonus slot reel spins and boost your earnings. To unlock the prize wheel, all you have to do is place cash wagers and win real money, wherever applicable.

Download Reel Stakes Casino: Real Money app now, for the exciting and entertaining app delivers what it promises – real prizes, real fun, and real winning!

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