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Shell Quest – An Exploration with Verifiable Heroism

Shell Quest is a puzzle game that is based on the story of Terry the Turtle. He wakes up one morning to horrible news that trash, and waste have polluted his and the other marine animals’ beach home. Terry sets out to investigate and finds out that this is indeed the case. Terry then decides to take a proactive role and clean up the beach ultimately to save his home. This is where our shell quest begins. We are given the task of cleaning the beach to save its wildlife inhabitants.

This app is a puzzle game where you must maneuver a variety of seashells in numbers of three or more in order to remove the trash items, such as empty cans, plastic bags, and other wasted debris, all while gaining points. It is relatively easy to play, with eye catching graphics, and is for all age groups in levels of play, rated E for everyone. Once you achieve the goal set at the beginning of each level, you advance. The degrees of difficulty increase with each level you complete.

If you are conscious about the state of our waterway systems and beaches, Shell Quest is a game worth checking out. Not only does it give you a game that has real world implications, it gives you the motivation to actively work to change this looming crisis. While this app is 100% free to play, you can purchase items to help you on your quest, if you chose to do so. The best part about that is, that the creators of Shell Quest will donate 50 of all proceeds to help in the aid of trash and waste removal of our seas, beaches and oceans! So not only are you playing a game to help virtual sea creatures, you are helping the real marine life in distress at this very moment, so feel good about that while you help Terry clean his beach.

It is easy to see why this app can be used as an educational tool. Shell Quest incorporates educational information in its game to shed light on the problem plaguing our marine life, beaches and waters. It also further drives home the point that we must be proactive in caring for our entire eco-system. Shell Quest is the perfect game for children to learn the consequences of littering, not recycling, and where potentially tons of trash could end up. Shell Quest is fun to play, gives positive ideas and solutions to this serious issue, all while, through donations, allows one to play a real-life role in aiding actual animals and their habitat much like that of Terry and his friends who call the oceans their home.

If there is one downside to this app, there are advertisements, but this is true of most free app games. However, these ads are minimal in comparison to other free games that bombard players relentlessly with advertisements. You can also sync your account to Facebook and challenge other players, this further increases the fun by engaging with other players.

Who would have ever imagined that you could play a video game and help save our marine habitats at the same time? But it is true, thanks to Shell Quest and its heroism of Terry the Turtle, you are a hero too. So, download it, and learn about our oceans and the animals that live there through this unique fantasy platform, and gift the animals that populate our waters.

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