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Scalar Pro Calculator App Increases Mathematical Capabilities on Mobiles

Scalar Calculator Pro app

Mobile devices are personal life savers. At the start, they made communication and effortless event, making it easy to connect and be reached at any time of the day. Eventually, they became smart. And that’s when the fun began. If you have ever opened the calculator app on your Android device, you know that it’s useful for some basic math calculations. If you are looking to expand on that functionality and render your device worth of some smarter calculations, then you need to download Scalar Pro from the Google Play site.

Scalar Pro functions as a standard and scientific calculator, a scripting environment and a graphing tool, each supported with a variety of features that make it fun to use, easy to understand and informative, all at once.

On the surface, the main features can be reached from the Navigation Menu. From here, you can get to the Calculator, Function Graph, Scripting function, Message Log, Settings, Onboarding, Health Check and Privacy.

Under Onboarding, you’ll find tools that help you learn about the app and provides tips and tricks. It also shows layouts of each type of function so you can see the elements involved and what they mean and how to best use them.

The basic calculator functions as any other would, but you will find that Scalar provides a very useful keyboard that gives you several function keys that are easy to find. The layout is clean and well organized.

To extend past that, you can create complex functions using the scripting area of the app. Here, you will enter expressions and functions, and each answer will be saved for you in a variable that you can use at any time after its value has been established. What makes the script editor very easy to use is the syntax highlighting and hints. This makes it easier to fill in the blanks for whatever function you use. The Scripting area also offers several built in functions, so you are sure to find something already defined that could be of use!

Let’s say you are done defining the script and functions you need to calculate. You want to now see how the function looks by graphing it. Scalar Pro has its very own graphing tool, so you plug in your function and its values and your set. Once the graph is done, you can move the cursor around different areas of the graph to see what “function” created it. There is also color coding, to help with that as well. Graphs also support scaling and zooming.

As you are scripting or creating functions, if there are any errors in what you have done, you will get a message which will be kept in the Message Log. This could help you figure out why a function is not graphing or giving you the information you expected.

Scalar Pro comes equipped with several functional applications that help you customize it to your needs. A few are turned ON by default. If you want, you can search through the list to see what is there and turn ON the ones you could use. Some examples include: Result Prefix, Radians Mode, Scientific Notation, Degrees Mode, Reference last result in next expression, and more.

Overall, the app is very easy to use and it provides a variety of great examples for users to help get them going. I would say the one thing that could be improved upon is the look of the cursor. It’s this fuzzy ball that does not stand out to me as easy to detect. I would rather see something more definitive.

Outside of that, Scalar Pro is an excellent advanced calculator and graphing app that Android users who use math will find quite useful.

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