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Remote Care Giving Service to Track and Safeguard Your Loved Ones – GuardIO


As the primary caregiver of your family, your parents and kids are the ones who share moments and make your life worth living. Family is the greatest treasure one has. And by default, it becomes our priority to keep them safe and sound, always. Wouldn’t you feel relieved if you could track their immediate whereabouts anytime at the tip of your finger? Joining hands with modern GPS technology and keeping family safety in mind, numerous play store and iOS apps have been developed.

GuardIO – Family Care, developed by WeTraq Inc., is a family safety and caregiving iOS app. It brings families close by letting the caregivers locate the elders and kids in the family on Google Maps in real-time. In addition to locating them, the app allows you to create a family circle, chat with members of a circle instantly, add their frequently visited areas, add a profile photo, get a notification when your loved ones enter a restricted area, and more. Wish to know more details?

To begin, download the app, enter your mobile number, received OTP, enable/disable notifications, and turn on GPS. The GuardIO app works precisely only if you Always give access to your location. Then make your at-risk loved ones download the app, create a private care circle, and share with them the invitation code shown on your device. You can also be a part of other care circles by entering the 6-digit invitation code sent to you by that creator.

As soon as you create a circle, you can add in Safe Zones and No-Go areas, which by their names indicate the safe and restricted areas for the circle members. Whenever someone from a circle enters or exits these zones, you will receive a notification. Touch their name and be navigated to them – no address required. Kids and elders of families who are prone to wandering or being affected by health conditions such as dementia need special care. Hence it becomes crucial to not only track them on foot but also behind the wheel. 

GuardIO – Family care app gives you a detailed view of the driving habits of each member of your care circle, including over-speeding, phone usage while driving, and more. The motion sensors in their smartphone capture images in case of occurrence of a risk-inducing situation & alert you then and there. The app also maintains the mobility and driving behaviors of members of each circle along with the stops each person made along the way, as long as you want.

Phones are the only way to contact elders while they are out on their own. Whenever someone’s battery runs low, members of a circle receive an alert. With remote check-in from the app, you will get notified as soon as they have arrived safely. When in danger, you can teach them to send a help alert, and all circle members will get notified as the timer reads 0.

With the range of unique features GuardIO – Family care offers, you can help kids and seniors of the family age-with-care. Download the app now!!

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