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Pick the Right Paths to Paint a House with Paint House

Paint House app



Games come in all types of genre: productivity, action, educational, word games, mysteries, creative, and more. Some games can be more complex than others. If you are type that likes a more simplistic game that does not put pressure on you to finish in a set amount of time, and if you like games that are on the more creative side, then Paint My House is one to try.

This app is a free download that comes with an in-app purchase I’ll describe later. When you first download and open the app, your first impression may be that it’s super simplistic and meant for a preschooler. While a preschooler can easily play this game, adults can find enjoyment, as well. It’s not meant for any age group in particular; almost anyone can be entertained by this game.

The objective of this game is to paint a house. The house will have four sides. You will paint one side at a time. Each house is the equivalent of a level. The game has hundreds of levels, so you know you will be entertained for some time. The number of levels you complete will also open up different painting tools. When you first start the game, you will get access to a basic painting tool, which looks very much like a square sponge. You will use this for a while until you complete 15 levels, which opens up the next tool. Get to 30 levels and open up two extra tools. Complete 45 levels, and you get three more. You get the picture. If you don’t want to wait to complete those levels, you can always make a purchase to unlock all of the tools for $2.99.

Speaking of in-app purchases, if you don’t want to see the ads that appear at the bottom of the screen, you can turn them off permanently for $3.99.

The tool can only move up, down, left or right. To move the tool, you swipe it in the direction you want it to move. It will move until it hits the edge of the house or until it hits some obstacle, like a window, chimney, door or bush. Once you covered all of the white space with paint, you will have competed the side and the game will move on to the next side of the house. After painting all four side, you will have completed a level. At this point, you can share your win with others using basic social media like messaging, Facebook and whatever else you have.

If there were anything I would wish for in a future update, it would be better graphics and color choices. I believe the app unlocks more colors as you unlock new tools, but that option seems to be an easy feature to add, to help make the game pleasing to the user.

As an entertainment source, Paint My House does a great job keeping you busy and yearning to see how fast you can paint the next house and move on to the next level. As you move up in levels, the paths you need to take to cover the entire side become more difficult, and you may find yourself stuck with no access to a white spot. It can happen. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic nature of this game – it’s something to be reckoned with.

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