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Never Lose Your Loved Ones in Overcrowded Places with Norgutel

Norgutel app

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Your most anticipated weekend is here and you have pre-planned to visit the nearby mall for a shopping spree with your better half. With the plan for the whole day playing in front of your eyes, you step out only to be joined by your family. After frantically trying to find a parking space for your SUV in the overcrowded lot, you finally find one after an hour of searching. While walking towards the congested mall’s supermarket to buy fresh veggies, the grandmother gets awed by a pair of Trifari vintage earrings, fine quality, and a one-of-a-kind piece and roots to the spot.

The grandfather of the family instantly falls in love with the traditional German beer stein, replaying the awesome moments he had had with a beer in hand in his earlier days, hoping to create new ones. While moving past the Italian luxury fashion house that was founded in 1913, yes of course Prada, has a sudden change of plans and rushes into the store. And so does the kids. On reaching the supermarket, not only do you realize your family members are nowhere to be seen, but your smartphone has very weak reception. 

Ever been in a similar situation? Then “Norgutel” app by Norgutel Labs is the best play store out there stay in touch. It creates a unique experience by combining real-time location sharing and offline map services. This app’s primary focus is on privacy and complete control to the user.

When you are planning on joint activity with a group of people, this app lets you share your location and status-related information in real-time. Be it work-related or a family reunion, touring around the city, any outdoor sporting event, traveling, pre-planned and properly organized, or impromptu, Norgutel comes to your rescue. 


You can not only see where others are right now but also where they have been. The GPX editor is optimized for touch screens and is very powerful. POIs are combined with unlimited undo history that you can create, edit, combine and save track segments.

How does the play store app, Norgutel work?

You can track your loved ones in few easy steps.

  1. First of all, for a pre-planned event, create a special QR code and share it with those you would like to join.
  2. If the meeting is ad-hoc with the people gathered at the place already, create a QR code on the spot and let them scan it off your mobile instantaneously.
  3. If the participants are onboard and remotely ahead, share the QR code via mail or other possible channels.
  4. Norgutel also lets you experience a long-distance sharing experience, remotely.

As long as there are active participants, a Norgutel session is alive. You can use a QR code generated earlier to revisit an event or create a new one. You can store multiple session QRs in your app. Due to end-to-end encryption, even the server won’t be able to decipher or store your data.

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