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Minion Cannon – Minions in Cannons!

Minion Cannon game

Sometimes we need a simple tap-to-shoot game that is effective when it comes to blowing off a little steam. The Minion Cannon – Spinner Legend Run application does the trick!

Playing the game

On the right of your screen, cute creatures fly around in a circular motion. The icon is labeled “minions”, and that is where you find the first orange one to begin with.

Level one is where you start with a few tries of aiming practice. Here, the magic is all in the cannon. Your minion is placed inside and is awaiting adventure. There is a strength bar at the bottom of the cannon that will help your aim immensely.

Clicking the fire button on the cannon will send your minion out into a place that is lush and green. It is in this meadow that your minion will have to continue bouncing to survive. To ensure that your minion stays in the game, fire the cannon in such a way that will allow him to land on the trampolines.

Bouncing high on the trampolines, you can catch food items that are trapped in bubbles, stars, and boosters. If you need some assistance with reaching greater distances, before you start your game, click on two little arrows above your cannon. You will find three boosters: one for a flying boost (this will help your minion go further), the second is a shield, and the last is a magnet.

While your minion bounces on, you can keep track of the lives he has, highest scores, and the stars he collects. Collect as many stars as you can, this will unlock cool new minions. There are over 20 minions to unlock, so don’t leave those stars behind!

The menu is smooth-running and easy to access from all points in the game. In the shop, you can find speed and health boosters. If you’re in a jam for more stars, you can find them in the shop too.

You can monitor your achievements and have a look at the leaderboard from the menu. There is a large stats icon in the center of the screen, so you can always see which minion you are currently using, and how many lives and speed ups he has.

The almost endless amount of levels to tackle make certain that players keep coming back for more.


Bright graphics- all icons and items are crystal clear, even those that are in bubbles.
Fun items to pop for your minion- you can help him catch them by popping them yourself.
Delightful jingle that keeps one entertained- the game music matches the scenery and the mission of the minions.
Each minion is unique- even though they can’t really fly, they are fabulous creatures.
Earn an easy five stars by sharing the game on Facebook.
Completely user-friendly, so no tutorial is needed to play this game.
Cool power ups to collect along the way- a feather, shield, and magnet.
Invite friends through Facebook and Twitter.

When restarting your game the minions leave you with some wise words: “Life is short, don’t waste it”. Take it from the minions, if you have a little break shooting them from a cannon, you might just be living life.

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