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Logo Symbols Lite Easily Creates Logos for Free

Logo Symbols Lite app

For those of you out there who are not graphically inclined but would like the ability to create logos for fun or for work, there are several apps out there that range in functionality and cost, but one provides users with a free Lite version to try out before purchasing their feature-rich version. That app is Logo Symbols Lite.

Call it the little sister of Logo Symbols, but it allows interested users to download for free and use two free templates to see if the app is something that would work for them. The premium version provides a total of 20 templates that provide a basic starting point for your logo. In the Lite version, you get access to Template 15, which is a simple, three-armed symbol. The second one is Template 16, which is three thick bars stemming from the center.

For each, you have the ability to perform a Logo Move, a Node Move and add Text. These symbols are found at the bottom of the editing window once you select a template. If you select the Text icon, you can add text anywhere in, around or on top of your logo. These controls can be found on the left side of the edit screen controls area.  Color can be added to your logo and to the text. The font of the text can also be changed by selecting the middle left icon. This allows for bold, italic, and various other font styles.

If you select the middle bottom icon, you will be able to move the logo “pieces” around, or even the nodes/points of each geographic piece. Movement control takes place in the middle screen that shows the arrows. If you are performing node movements, you can select which node moves. Each of these things is represented by icons, so it may take some time to figure you what each icon supports and how you can make changes you want. But that is what makes this app fun. If you really need it, the Help provides a concise overview of the app’s layout, features and how to use them.

Also, if you don’t like the changes you’ve made, you can always revert back, one change at a time. If you revert too far, you can go forward to bring a deleted change back. Finally, you can easily save your logo as a PNG or PDF file for use in almost any application you may need the logo applied to.

In all, I really had fun playing around with the app, creating different designs and changing colors. What was not easily apparent to me was where the document ended up when you saved it. The app says it saves in iPhone Documents, but I’m not really sure where that is.

Logo Symbols Lite is a great app to try out if you are not familiar with logo creating apps. It also serves as a great tester to see if you want to invest in a logo generation app that provides far more functionality for those who need it. The developer is kind enough to provide both so you can try it before you buy it.

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