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Learn Vocabulary in Different Languages Simultaneously with VocArt

VocArt app

It is essential to build a strong vocabulary right from childhood. Kids need to learn and understand more than 90% of what they read to know the meaning. Improving their vocabulary will help them study their subjects by themselves or read a novel during their later stages. Being able to read, without the help of elders, gives them confidence. Learning a language also aids kids in increasing the capacity to think deeply and the capability to express themselves. Not only academically, exploring deep into a language makes them successful communicatively too.

And as kids age up, the importance of vocabulary keeps increasing. As for any university program, the student must be able to understand what their professors say. Inability to understand and comprehend what a professor lectures will impact them negatively. It becomes time-consuming too. When we learn a new language, initially, we will not be aware of all the words. We might find some words very new. As we keep speaking, even though we identify words, the meaning of the word might not appear in our minds. Eventually, we will start recognizing words using the context of the conversation. And finally comes the fluency in the language.

When we strike up a conversation with a native, even though we are unable to catch up with them initially, as we continue speaking, we acquire the ability to converse comfortably and smoothly. In the absence of a native speaker, we can learn a language using various other means, one of them being play store apps.

“VocArt – Vocabulary Artworks” by Pixel Target is an educational app designed to increase our vocabulary. VocArt, in its first version, aids us to learn five different languages, English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Polish, at the same time. There are several category themes, each consisting of 10 illustrations. Each category is chosen by the artist himself. The first theme, “Food & Kitchen”, is chosen and illustrated by Fevik, who has brought the best out of the theme.

For instance, the 4th illustration of the “Food and Kitchen” category “At the table” portrays possible food items at a table beautifully. To start, set your native language and your target language. Touch a food item to listen to its pronunciation along with writings in your native language. You can change the target language and listen to its pronunciation in other languages too. The navigation through pages is simple, easy, and helps you only focus on what you need.

With VocArt, you can be sure of the pronunciation, as the recordings are done by professional lectors. The background music for each illustration is as ambient as it can be. The music can be turned off if not needed. The app contains no annoying ads and is absolutely kid-friendly.

The free version of the app lets you access the first illustration of every artwork. The app is too valuable that you cannot wait to make your purchase.

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