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Kitchen Panic – Relaxing, Entertaining and Interesting

Kitchen Panic game

Who does not enjoy playing games in today’s generation? Games are a great form of recreation and really help us relax. However, the games these days are full of violence and fighting. It is very difficult to find a game which is relaxing as well as entertaining. Just when you thought that there are not going to be any more fun games which does not involve killing and bloodshed, that is when this new game called ‘Kitchen Panic’ is created. The layout of this game is cute and entertaining. The main character of this game is a potato, and it is simultaneously funny and sweet. This game is interestingly fast paced and is action packed, but without any violence or stressful killings. It is enjoyable and can be played in multiplayer mode. This means, you get to enjoy this game not only by yourself but also with your friends. Also, you can easily review your performance on this game  by viewing the leader board which players can access from 142 different countries. Guess what, when you play this game, you automatically become an international competitor! This game is very easy to play as well. You can easily learn to play this game and teach it to others as well.

This game is very interesting and engaging, however the difficulty level of this game is not too high. Therefore, it is easy to get bored of this game once a player has reached a high enough level. I used to play this game a lot when I first installed it, but gradually I became less fond of the game and easily shifted to playing a different game.

Not just adults, but kids these days are very involved in playing games on mobile devices as well. This game is certainly a very children friendly game which parents can trust their children to play. The graphic content of this game is totally non-violent and is very sweet and enjoyable. This is one of the only few games which is featuring a potato as a lead character. It is very unique and revolutionary in its own.

It is about the journey of a potato who goes around a kitchen and tries to collect points without causing any damages to the kitchen. There are several hurdles to be crossed and many challenges to be conquered. I often play this game on the subway on my way back to home from a long and tiring day of hard work. It provides me the right amount of relaxation I require.

This game can get very difficult at times, so I often run out of lives. However there is a very convenient feature in this game where you are able to buy lives. I sometimes buy lives here because I really enjoy playing this game and want to keep playing it. The lives cost very insignificant amount of money to buy, therefore I do not mind the in-app purchases function of this game. Rather, I think it is great value for money and the entertainment value of this game is very high.

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