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Keep Your Mind Active with Sixth Extinction

Sixth Extinction app

From childhood, we make sure to engage our minds, and what better way to do that than with mind games that will keep you thinking and making guesses till you are right? From scrabbles to puzzles, to monopoly and chess, these games have been known through history to be really good for keeping the mind busy and most importantly, developing bright minds. No list of board games that help to develop thinking abilities and life skills is complete without the game of chess and puzzles. If you are reading this because you are looking for a gaming activity to keep your mind engaged, I suggest you get some popcorn because this is about to get really interesting.

Have you heard of Sixth Extinction? I guess not. This is a narrative puzzle game with various types of puzzles. It is a puzzle game that walks you through the reality of discovering yourself, the essence of life, and the truth about human existence and extinction. Does it sound too complicated? Well, it’s not. The game is quite simple to play, that is if you possess quality thinking abilities. To play this game, you need to move from one end of a tile to the other end. It sounds easy, right? It is, but not without a little challenge. When you move on each tile, it disappears so if you can’t move ahead, you can’t move backward either. You get stuck. The game requires you to think at every move and every turn in order to reach the end. Basically, it is a challenge on whether you can beat the game and master all the puzzles. As you progress, you unlock more levels, and the harder the game becomes. As it gets harder, the obstacles increase and you go from disappearing tiles to clearing pushes and passing spots marked X. The game really gets you thinking and keeps your mind active.

Along with its amazing gameplay, Sixth Extinction has some brilliant features that make the gameplay worth your while. After every level, someone tells a story about the theme of extinction, revenge, and violence. This story gives the game a dramatic thrill and it keeps the players enticed. The storyteller makes it even better and makes you want to play every level to the end. The game also has some amazing graphics and guess what, it was all hand-drawn. The sound effects are just as beautiful, couple with a soft piano tone to go and background sounds in the environment.

Sixth Extinction is one of the most original puzzle games out there and it is not your average puzzle game. Think outside the box, use your intellect to conquer the obstacles in your way, and discover the game’s deep message. Head to your App Store today and download this fun puzzle game.

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