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Mindoo is a game that manages to capture the attention of the lucky users that choose to download the game. The purpose of Mindoo is to test and improve the overall knowledge of the players on various topics, and they accomplish this by testing that knowledge. The game has several categories embedded within it, and those categories include Geography, transportation and traffic, politics and economy, people, art, sports, and miscellaneous.

The application is compatible with different age groups starting with kids that are at least ten years old. Some children may not like the idea of exploring the politics and economy section and would much rather gravitate towards sports and miscellaneous. Parents, on the other hand, may want their kids to use the application to learn more about politics or even Geography. Imagine if you have a child that is struggling in their Geography class. Sure, you can get them workbooks or tutoring, which always effective, but it costs. Mindoo can help fill that void because they build it with the idea of helping users become more proficient in certain categories.

Mindoo is very capable of pleasing social crowds because users can turn the game into a competition amongst friends. You can take a group of 20 people and split them up into four different groups of five, give everyone a team name and try to secure a win. You would have to be creative, but Mindoo gives users the flexibility to do so.

The basic version of the application is available for free, while the premium version is available for USD 4.99. That is a drawback because, on the surface, the application makes users believe that they have access to all topics after they download, but they do not. They have access to 1 subtopic within the main topic, and it’s not one of your choosing. So, for example, if you explore the geography section on the basic plan, you will notice that you can only see questions for Australia. That is a problem especially if you want questions that focus on North America or Asia. There is a way around this, you can purchase individual topics for USD 1.99 and have access to all subtopics within it.

One special feature about Mindoo is that it is free of advertisements, so you will not have to worry about those annoying ads that force you to pause play for 30 seconds. That is a feature that helps them stand out because it is almost a guarantee that your typical free gaming application on the google play store has multiple advertisements. Advertisements are good for the developers, but not so much the consumers. All it does is make them want to uninstall the application.

Mindoo is incredibly special in the category of learning and trivia. Remember to purchase the full version of the application because you will also receive free access to any additional topics that the developers add to the game.

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