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Free and Cheap International Calls and Mobile Messaging with tikki

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Staying connected is so easy. These days, it doesn’t mean having to stay at home and waiting by the phone. No, nowadays it means having an app that’s reliable at all levels. It’s having an app that lets you make phone calls that are crisp and clear. It means having an app that lets you connect with others through the app and message with them any time of the day. Tikki is that app.

Tikki is an app that supports messaging and free phone calls to other users of the app, which means free international calling! It also offers the ability to buy long distance minutes if you need to call non users of Tikki. With its current plans and prices, Tikki is around 70% cheaper than regular international calls. On top of that, it allows you to buy phone numbers that are based out of other countries, so people can call that number and only have to pay their normal local charges.

The beauty of Tikki is that the user receiving the call doesn’t require the internet. All you need is a solid data plan or wifi connection and you are good to go. The app itself is a free download and it provides reliable security through a complex encryption system. So every message you send and every conversation you have stays between you and your recipient.

To start, once you’ve downloaded and created your profile, you should invite friends and family to download as well. The more you invite and the more that join, the more free connections you have. To make the deal even sweeter, if any of your invited users purchase credits to make long distance phone calls to landlines or cell phones of users who are not Tikki users, Tikki will reward you with credits for your personal use.

Tikki supports all types of users. If you need to use it for a business, it has features that any business owner would want. There’s Call Forwarding, which allows you to forward calls to another number if you are unable to accept them from your Tikki app. Because it’s an app, you have access to Tikki on any device that has it. So you never miss a call – the best customer service if I do say so myself.

If there’s anything that I could wish for in Tikki, it would be a the ability to video conference so connectivity can go a step further. It would really round out the app nicely.

Stay connected anywhere you are, whether it be in the US or abroad with Tikki. It makes using voip easy and something that you can take with you. As long as you have wifi connectivity, you can call and message with ease.

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