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Explore and Save Emojis on a Quest For Fun

Save The Emoji featured

We are all on the go…going to work, picking up dinner, working out at the gym, meeting friends for lunch. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find some entertainment while you were running around to help fill the time while you are enroute to your final destination?

Save the Emoji is a fun interactive augmented reality game that can fill those spaces in time and make moments in transitions from one place to another a little more fun.

So, what is Save the Emoji all about? It’s a game that places you as a player wherever you are. You will show as a 3D character on the playing screen and the map of your current location will show in the background, kind of dimmed. As you move around, with device in hand, the map will constantly adjust to show the direction you are moving in and where you are going. It will also show any emojis that are located close by.

Your job is to move towards that emoji, capture and save it.  If you see more, go after those, too. The more you save, the more points you earn, which helps you select and use tools that strengthen your ability to find and save even more emojis!


For players, you get to choose if you are a boy or a girl. For tools, you get your choices of:

There are different levels of game play, so as you collect more emojis and get better at doing so, your challenges will increase. For instance, initially the emojis will be stationary. You will see them on your map as you walk around. Stationary emojis are easy to get to and save. With increasing levels of difficulty, you will see that the emojis get smarter and find ways to avoid and escape your capture. This is where the tools becomes extremely essential and helpful. That’s why it’s so important to collect as many coins as possible so you have buying power later in the game.

What I would love to see added to the game is an explanation of what to do to get to the emojis. There is not real set of instructions or description of what each screen in the app is for. I had to stumble across it on my own. Some guidance will go a long way with gamers.

Other than that, I really enjoyed keeping Save the Emoji open as I walked from my office to a nearby lunch place. I was able to capture about two emoji on that excursion. It made a simple walk into something more entertaining.

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