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Enhance Your Concentration with Lion’s Sphere

Lion's Sphere

Build your mental mastery with Lion’s Sphere. Creators – FOL – inform us that it is a unique and complicated puzzle game. So instead of twiddling your thumbs for half an hour, find out how you can spend your time tackling this phenomenal 3D puzzle game.

The game opens with music that calms and soothes the mind – perfect for a puzzle game such as this one! You start simply with a tutorial that tells you to swipe to rotate your puzzle sphere, and once you are done you unlock your first Two Color Lion’s Sphere puzzle.

It takes a few practice tries to maneuver around the sphere and get completely comfortable with with swiping around, but every wrong move can be undone with the undo arrow at the bottom of your screen.

Dragging across the empty space on your screen will allow you to rotate the sphere so that you can see exactly what you are doing and what still needs to be done. In the next puzzle, you are asked to solve it in two moves. Seems daunting? Well, to help you, you can tap on the help icon at the top right of your screen and view the completed puzzle.

Once the tutorial is completed or if you are familiar enough with the controls, you can move along to your glorious level one twisty puzzle – that has been shuffled quite generously one might add! The first puzzle is comprised of only two colors making it comfortable for beginners to get into. While you solve your puzzle you will notice that a timer is running, but you don’t feel any pressure as it doesn’t affect your game. You have all the time in the world to relax and enjoy solving your puzzle.

For Rubik’s Cube fans, this app will take you over the edge!



Get Lion’s Sphere today and attempt to break the world record. After all, who doesn’t want to enhance their power of concentration and improve their problem solving skills? Only those who like to twiddle their thumbs!

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