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Discrete Dating App FWB & Discreet Allows for Encounters with No Strings Attached

FWB app

The world of dating has changed. It’s hard to find someone who is looking for a long-term relationship. They might get there eventually, but in the journey of exploring themselves and others around them, they simply want to engage with someone in the moment to savor it and then move on. It’s not mean or selfish, but simply a desire to enjoy the here and now and worry about tomorrow later. Getting to know others helps you to know yourself. The problem is finding an app that lets you find other with no strings attached. Most dating apps have been designed for people looking for their soul mate. FWBDR is the app you need if you are looking for an evening out, not for a lifetime commitment.

With an interface that is easy to use and controls that keep things discrete, FWBDR allows users to create a profile, search for potential company and engage to set up a time and place to meet. That’s all it’s for. You will find someone, or they will find you based on your profile. Know what you are looking for before you build your profile.

The app is designed with strict controls to keep it scam-free and safe to use. Using artificial intelligence protocols, it works in conjunction with an effective support team to review newly created profiles, ensuring that legitimate users are creating them, not a bot. Your information is safe and shared only within the app. Hackers and phishing can’t get in to create fake profiles. Which keeps our user community safe.

To use the app, all you do is create a profile. Upload a pic and enter as much or as little information that you would like to share. Search for other members based on your interests and if you like what you see, swipe to engage. If they are equally as interested, you’ll be connected. Send messages back and forth and you can even share photos. Note that these photos are deleted from the app after 24 hours, providing yet another factor in privacy and security.

You can “like” profiles and see you has “liked” you, so you can find friends faster.

If you don’t like what you are seeing in the user community – someone has posted something that is out of line – you can report it. While this is an app that is discrete, it also does not allow for anything that is inappropriate.

The look and feel of the app are clean, but it would be nice to have a darker background or border around the photos for clearer viewing.

On its own, FWBDR has successfully made making friends with benefits a possibility while allowing its users to be discrete.

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