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Colorwai – Customize Images to Turn Images into Art

Colorwai app

There are several apps available that allow photo takers to enhance and embellish images, allowing artists to create art from photos. Whether these enhanced pictures are used for personal or professional purposes, the app should be easy to use and quickly produces some interesting results.

All you do is download the free app and then provide access to your camera. You can then take a new photo from within the app and work away on it, or you can pull up a photo from one of your albums.

Options to work on your selected image include a cool selection of preset filters that make it easy to transform your image. You can also choose to do my hand by tweaking the Contrast options: contrast, saturation and exposure. The Sticker option allows you to choose from a wide selection of “stickers” like emojis and icons and messages. Once you choose one, it appears on the image and you can move it around. Select the green check mark to set it, or remove it by tapping it on the red X.

The Style option is where artists will have the most fun. Here, you get to change Size, Hue, Brightness, Saturation and Opacity of a drawing you create on a palette. From here, you can upload that basic image or you can take a photo, and whatever you have drawn will overlay the photo you just took. It allows you to create your own filters, in a way. These Style options also get saved in the My Styles area of the app.

While the basic app has a lot of great features, you can purchase a Premium edition for just $2.99 and this will open up an unlimited number of filters and options for creating art from your photos and images. I would recommend playing around with the basic app to get a feel for it before upgrading.

Once you are done applying filters and touching up your images, you can save it by sharing it. Send it to an email address, share it via a variety of social media, save it to your Notes, print it, you name it. You can put this newly created artwork out into the world in whichever way you want.

One issue I found with the app was the ad at the bottom of the screen that partially covers the button you need to tap to take a photo and it also covers button to switch the camera and to turn the flash off/on. You can close the ad window, but the button to close it is so small, it’s hard to get to it.

This app is quite fun if you are looking for a way to send out unique images from photos you take. It adds more fun to your social media feed, getting your followers asking how you created something so cool.

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