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Most of us are familiar with the bigger car rental agencies we see at airports, but what many don’t know is that there are other ways to rent a car that are just as reliable and economical. Started from the United Arab Emirates region, Finalrentals is a car rental app that initially served that area, but has expanded to support a more global market.

The app is free to download, but does require you to become a member, should you choose to actually rent a car. You can browse to your heart’s content without needing any kind of account or membership, though. It’s nice to b able to see what they have available before you choose to open an account with Finalrentals. I do have to say that on my initial searches to see what they had and to evaluate the ease with which I could move around in the app, I found the offering to be fairly large and versatile, with rates that were competitive.

To start, you simply choose the category of rental you are looking for: short-term, monthly or global. Once you tap on one of those options, you will be taken to the next screen for your next step. For short-term rentals, you will need to enter where you want to pick up your rental from, the dates you need your rental for, and the approximate time you will pick up and drop off your rental. The app also assumes you are between the ages of 30 and 65, by already selecting that option. If you are not, and you should be truthful about this, uncheck this option and enter your age. You may be required to show identification at the pick-up location. From here, you will see a list of options to scroll through, showing details that are essential to choosing your car.

If you are looking to rent on a monthly basis, the search is easier. Once you select that option, you immediately see a list of cars and you can also choose your location. Rates shown are for one month, and with a one-month rental, you get free delivery. It’s important to note that monthly rentals are supported in U.A.E. only at this time.

On the global side, you can choose your city and the app supports several around the world across almost every continent. You also provide details such as dates and timings. You can pick up from one location and drop off at another, too.

Overall the app is very versatile and super easy to use. What is so great is that it provides yet another source of rental information and options, so you are not tied down to the three or four typical renters on the market. Being a slightly smaller player in the market gets you more personalized service, which is a welcome change these days.

One improvement I would like to see in the app would be the ability to mark cars as favorites so you could save a few option if you are in a rush and go back to them later to make a final decision.

The app certainly does make it easy to find and rent a car in Dubai and while in the U.A.E. and boosts its applicability by offering the option to rent in cities around the world. It provides a valuable service to renters from all over.

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