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Cappy AR – Use Your iPhone X Camera to Capture 3D Images

Cappy AR app

Capturing captivating imagery and using it to enhance your final end products, whether they be for fun or for work, is something that has become so intrinsic to what we do in our everyday lives. Imagery in general has taken over text and conversation as the vehicle of choice for communications. Pictures tell a story, and sometimes that is exactly what you want.

While it’s easy to use normal images taken from a camera, imagine how impressive your posts and messages would be if they were embedded with unique 3D images that you create or borrow. You can do so easily by downloading Cappy AR.

Cappy AR is an app that can be downloaded on any iOS device running 11.0 or later, and can be used as a 3D scanner on the iPhone X only. Why is it available on the other devices, you might ask? Well, this allows the entire iOS community to use the creations that are shared by the Cappy AR community.

If you are non iPhone X user, you can browse through uploaded selections in the app and export them for use in whatever way you want. If you are an iPhone X user, then you can make full use of the scanning capabilities and create fun stuff.

Note that the latest version of Cappy AR has been well enhanced with longer scan times and easier exports. Previous versions limited scans to 10 seconds, which meant lower quality images and choppy results. This has been fixed.

Once you download the app, you can either start scanning or browse recently uploaded scans. If you choose to create a new one, you will be instructed to hold your phone directly in front of the image you wish to scan and then you move the iPhone in a slow circular motion, holding it in a horizontal plane that faces the object. Be sure to move slowly, otherwise you will get holes and gaps in your results. The app will let you know when you stop and then you can choose to save, upload and share.

During the scan, there are settings you can customize. You can choose your mesh color, there are about 12. You can also choose to turn on/off Guides and Wireframes, and finally, you can reset the AR settings and start over.

What was a bit confusing was the use of Cappy AR on non iPhone X devices. Since scanning is not supported, it should not even come up and try to scan, and yet it does. I spent a few minutes seeing if it would scan, but it never ended and prompted me for the next steps.

Now, if you are using it on the iPhone X to scan, then this app is a breakthrough for artists and social media posters alike. You can either create your own 3D images for use in publications and posts or use something that’s already been shared and is ready for use. The possibilities are endless, as is the fun!

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