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BiorhythmΩ – Plan with Ease, One Day at a Time


Apps are fun entertainment but can be a useful source of information. If you are like me you may also like those apps that help you understand your psyche better just so you know how to deal with certain situations, emotions, good days and bad. This includes all sorts of mediation apps, yoga apps, and relaxation exercises.

A new one that I’ve discovered stems from an activity that I took part in elementary school – biorhythms. Biorhythms, the app, takes the concept of biorhythms and puts it in the palm of your hand. Biorthyms is based on birth dates. It takes the day you were born and then maps out patterns for four different personality areas: Intellect, Intuitive, Physical and Emotional. The beauty of the app is that you don’t have to do a thing. You just type in your birth date and the app does the rest.

It takes your birth date and calculates the patterns for each and then draws them on a graph, each with its own color so you can find each easily. At the top of this graph display, it gives you a synopsis of each personality area, so you know if you are having a good day in that area or not. It displays this with triangles that match in color and point up or down.

The bottom of the screen provides a legend which describes what the numbers mean for each graph. At the very bottom you can select a specific date to view the numbers. You can move back and forth by month, by day or you can scroll through the dates.

On the graph, if you don’t want to see all the waves or pattern for the four areas at once, you can select and deselect specific ones by tapping on the check marks. If you are interested in sharing this with others, you can send the information via Messaging, email or you can save a snapshot of it on your Camera Roll or Clipboard.

The feature I really liked, as a mother, was to map out my entire family’s biorhythms. This gives me an idea as to when my family members are going to be clashing or cooperating. All of the biorhythms never come to a good point all on the same day, however, I have seen a few times when a week was good.

You can even average out all of your Users’ biorhythms to see overall how your group is doing at a particular time. Kind of interesting.

What would be nice is to upload to social media somehow, instantaneously. I think it would be tons of fun.

BiorhythmΩ is a neat app that opens your eyes into yourself and how you fit into the universe. There is something bigger out there and it’s nice to know how we each tie into that big picture to help us figure out our own piece, one day at a time.

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